Our Pulleys

Our patented pulleys use quality materials and the latest technologies in polymers. Our M1 model is specifically designed to be deployed in hard-to-reach areas and our M1L model for more common uses. In addition, they are proudly made in Canada.



Here is just a short list of the many benefits that sets our products apart


Thanks to their unique composition, our pulleys are the lightest on the market with equal capacity

High visibility

Attractive design and high-visibility colors do not go unnoticed

Innovative idea

Our patented opening and closing mechanism simplifies your life by allowing previously impossible installations and withdrawals


The closed-loop design of our frame and locking devices allow for peace of mind


Thanks to a wide choice of spare parts available, you will enjoy a sustainable product through the years

Impact resistant

The unique composition of our polymer makes it virtually unbreakable


M1 Pulley Block

This model is intended to be used over obstacles where it is impossible to move it in order to install the pulley. These obstacles can be white water, a road or a ravine. Thanks to the combination of a jaw and a small sheave in its upper section, it can be positioned easily and quickly over obstacles with the help of a simple rope for example.


M1L Pulley Block

This is a simplified version of the M1 pulley block whose difference lies in the simplification of the upper section. Without the special features of the latter, the M1L is a formidable competitor to the unwinding pulleys available on the market.


Technical sheet are available on the product pages. Sign in to view them.


One of the main features of this pulley is that it consists of a completely closed frame. This gives it greater rigidity and greater load capacity with equal material compared to competing open-frame products. When locked on the carrier cable, it does not deform under the loads.


The use of the pulley is safer because the cable can not leave without the opening mechanism is used. Once closed, the only way out of the cable are: the opening of the mechanism, the complete passage of the cable in the pulley or a breakage.


Given the various problem situations that may be encountered, the pulley is designed to be installed in three ways. This can be installed manually, and two other methods using a pole.

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